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New Year, New You!

Our new Jetts Fitness owners have taken over just in time to get you in the best shape of your life!

To celebrate their own new beginnings, the power couple have given us some hot tips on how to keep your New Year's Resolution - to get healthy for 2018!

The first thing on their list is nutrition.

Nutrition IS the most important ingredient in your overall fitness recipe. Macro-nutrients are what changes the composition of your body, and micro-nutrients are the vitamins and minerals that keep your body healthy.

We don't believe in counting calories, and setting up games for people not to win, that's why we've adopted the hand method for portion control from the Body For Life Program - And our very own Jetts Book.

Simply put, you get to eat six meals a day, and these meals are made up of healthy ingredients to help manage your weight effectively. By measuring your hand, you are making it easy to ascertain the correct portion sizes for your meals..... Let us explain:

Protein: Use the palm of your hand to judge the correct portion of protein for each meal.

Carbohydrates: Use your clenched fist to judge the portion of carbohydrate for each meal

Fats: Use your thumb to judge the correct portion of healthy fats to be included in each meal.

There you have it...... That's it - Simple right?

Below is a starting list of what your authorised food list should look like, if you follow it you WILL get results. If you have allergies then please work around it, and if you're vegan - there are some alternative options on the list.

• Chicken breast 
• Turkey breast
• Lean ground turkey 
• Swordfish 
• Orange roughy 
• Salmon
• Tuna 
• Crab
• Lobster
• Shrimp
• Top round steak
• Top sirloin steak
• Lean ground beef 
• Lean ham
• Egg whites or substitutes 
• Trout
• Low-fat cottage cheese 
• Protein powder - lean option with no added carbohydrates

Complex Carbohydrates 
• Potato
• Sweet potato 
• Squash
• Pumpkin
• Steamed brown rice 
• Steamed wild rice 
• Lentils
• Couscous
• Whole-wheat pasta 
• Oatmeal
• Barley
• Beans (black, kidney) 
• Corn
• Strawberries
• Melon
• Apple
• Orange
• Fat-free yogurt 
• Fat-free milk 
• Whole-wheat bread 
• High-fibre cereal 
• Whole-wheat tortilla 
• Whole-wheat pita bread 
• Whole grains 

• Broccoli 
• Asparagus 
• Lettuce 
• Carrots 
• Cauliflower 
• Green beans 
• Green capsicum 
• Mushrooms 
• Spinach 
• Tomato 
• Peas
• Brussels sprouts 
• Artichoke 
• Cabbage
• Celery
• Zucchini 
• Cucumber 
• Onion 

Vegetable Proteins 
• Tempeh
• Seitan
• Tofu
• Texturized vegetable protein 
• Soy foods 
• Veggie burgers 

Healthy Fats 
• Avocado
• Sunflower seeds 
• Pumpkin seeds 
• Cold-water fish 
• Natural peanut butter 
• Low-fat cheese 
• Almonds 
• Olives and olive oil 
• Safflower oil
• Canola oil
• Sunflower oil
• Flax seed oil 

What Not to Eat (except on your Free Day) 
• Bacon
• Deep-fried meat such as fried chicken, chicken fingers, fish sticks, Buffalo wings, etc. Hamburgers and fatty cuts of beef.
• Hot dogs 

Simple Carbs 
• Cookies 
• Cake
• White rice 
• White bread 
• Crackers 
• Candy 
• French Fries 
• Chips 
• Doughnuts 
• Soda 

Calorie-Dense Food – Unwanted Fats 
• Butter
• Mayonnaise
• Cream-based sauces 
• Full-fat dairy products 

Visit the new team at Jetts Fitness, located outside our main entry (right near the round-a-about) or contact them below. 

Josh & Rachelle Day
Jetts Mt Hutton
Phone : 02 4948 1461